Day Trips From Osh

Enrich your visit by exploring taking the best day trips from Osh city. Within just one-two hours of drive, you will find plenty of natural and cultural attractions. No matter what type of traveler you are, I guarantee you discovering an ideal trip matching your preferences. Now pack your bag and prepare to visit the places listed below!

Uzgen is probably the best day trip from Osh for cultural tourism. With its strategic location along the Silk Road, Uzgen was a historical trading hub of Fergana valley. The city reached its highest glory under the Karakhanid kingdom when it was made into their capital. As a result, the city prospered politically, culturally and economically.

Nowadays, Uzgen is famous for its medieval architecture, authentic bazaar, and legendary red rice. Such heritage is the primary reason to visit Uzgen while traveling Kyrgyzstan. Thus, make sure to hit this city while in Osh and check the following attractions.

Kyrgyz-Ata National Park is a small nature reserve to the south-west of Osh. Within the last two years, it turned into the bestselling location for day trips and weekend hikes from Osh. This place will perfectly suit travelers who are short of time for multi-day treks (or just not fun of them), but still eager to dive into the fascination of Kyrgyz nature