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Joining city tours is a great option to explore and enjoy your travel destinations. A right cultural tour will expand your knowledge, guarantee a fun time and grant with lasting memories. A reasonable price on top of it will make things more delightful. 

And here I’m to provide you with such city tours in Osh. 

My tours are intellectual, yet not packed with boring data. They are entertaining with fun stories and weird facts. And experiential with your direct participation.

top Osh city tours to enrich your trip to Osh

If I named this city tour differently, it would be ‘Introduction to Osh 101’. It simply takes you through the major sights and history of Osh city. It walks you through green parks, Soviet memorials, architecture and unusual urban phenomena. Interesting stories and weird facts accompany you at every sight and every corner of the city.

Discover the culture of Osh by embracing the most delicious cuisine in Kyrgyzstan. Sample the most delectable local dishes, hear about their origin and get to know the traditions at the table. Be ready for the best version of the legendary plov, tandoori samsy, Central Asian dumplings known as manty and juicy kebabs. And prepare to loosen your belt by the end of this city tour.

It is fun to try delicious plov while in Central Asia. But it is more fun and unforgettable to cook one by yourself! 

In this tour, you won’t be allowed to simply observe the process. You will have to participate in the whole genesis of plov from A to Z! You will learn how to make proper groceries, how to prepare, cut and cook all ingredients. Finally, as a reward, you will get the most delicious and special plov in your life. The one cooked by yourself!

The baking traditions of Osh are as ancient as the city itself. Our bakers still use the ancient tandyr ovens to bake the local variation of a flatbread known as ‘nan’. 

I invite you to join our bread-baking city tour to witness, participate and enjoy the highlights of our baking traditions. You will personally shape your nan and if you dare to, send it to the tandyr. The tour will culminate with enjoying the bread in a traditional local manner – with fresh sour cream and green tea.        

Visit the most important sight of Osh city in the most special time – the dusk or dawn. By doing so, you will witness the most beautiful sceneries. The silence of the morning and the golden lights of the evening will philosophize your journey and save you from the scourging heat of the day. Finally, you will hear the epic legends and stories about Osh, Sulaiman-Too and Fergana valley. 

Didn’t find a tour that fits you? Make your suggestion and I will develop a special tour for you!

Atabek, the founder of Best of Osh, gave us a tour through some districts of Osh - off the tracks, with a lot of fascinating insights and great knowledge. He answered all questions in perfect English. He's both an Osh native and a person who is well informed about the international discourse in the history of this fascinating region shaped by old traditions, Soviet Union and independent Kyrgyzstan
Osh is a city with a lot of history. If you want to know more about this, then a tour with Atabak is a great experience. Atabek speaks English very well, knows a lot about the city of Osh, is enthusiastic, friendly and a very good storyteller. You really get what you pay for. I recommend him.
Atabek is a great young entrepreneur bringing life to the tourism scene in Osh. We had a fantastic day with him shopping ingredients, learning about the local history during a district walk, and cooling yummy Plov with his very welcoming family in the outskirts of the city. It was clearly the best experience in Osh we had, and by far the most delicious Plov we had in all central asia. Highly recommended

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