Sulaiman-Too Tour: Ascending to the Throne of Solomon

What You WIll Experience

Sulaiman-Too, the Mountain of Solomon or Solomon’s Throne isn’t just a mountain in the middle of Osh – it is the heart and soul of the city. Dedicating just an hour to this site will grant you magnificent panoramic views, epic history, and the spiritual practices of local dwellers. But spending two hours and joining our Sulaiman-Too tour will let you experience these incredible stories, history, and interpretations of beliefs and rituals in full.

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Starting time09:00; 16:00
Duration2 hours

*If your visit doesn’t match our schedule, don’t hesitate to request a time suitable for you. We’ll do our best to adjust to your schedule or organize a private tour!

Price includes

– guide’s service

– entrance tickets

Tour Description

In two hours hike, you will enjoy the sceneries of Fergana valley from various angles. We will reveal how this valley and history transformed Osh into one of the most important agricultural, pastoral and commercial centers. On top of it, you will discover how Osh became a spiritual center of Fergana valley in the unique cave museum. Local still consider this mountain to be a holy site. Thus you will notice dozens of local visitors performing religious rites searching for healing, blessing, and prosperity. We will interpret these beliefs and rituals, and you will decide whether to repeat them after locals or not. The hike culminates at the top of the mountain near the house of Babur – an iconic historical figure and native of Fergana valley who led the conquest of India and established a long-lasting Mogul dynasty in India.

Don’t miss your chance to join our edutaining experience and open Osh from a historical, spiritual, and cultural perspective. Reserve your spot and see you at the Throne of Solomon.  

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