English-speaking tour guide in Osh

Hey! My name is Atabek. I’m an Osh native and am so obsessed with my hometown that I decided to start “Best of Osh” as a way to show people its most incredible features.

My background is in political science (and if it’s important, you should know that I’m a neo-classical realist, constructivist, and liberal all in one), but I left the dark realm of politics behind to work in tourism several years ago. As I see it, tourism is one of the most effective forms of Joseph Nye’s soft power — it generates more benefits of friendship, dialogue, and prosperity than most government-sponsored programs.

Building up Kyrgyzstan’s soft power has served as the primary motivation for my tours and this company. My goal is to introduce my country, people, culture and daily life to you in the most entertaining, experiential and delicious ways (and it’s also a great excuse to eat my favorite foods and visit my favorite spots).

Please get in touch! You can reach me through the contact form and social media embedded below!

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