Free Walking Osh City Tour

Join our Osh city tour and discover Osh by walking through its iconic sights, hearing the historical narrative and learning about the weird stuff. 

The tour’s walk-friendly route will take you through major sights including famous Soviet monuments and architecture, lush green parks and unusual urban phenomena. The best historical highlights, local narratives and urban legends will accompany you throughout the tour. On top of your visual and intellectual exploration of the city, you will enjoy sampling Kyrgyz national drinks and locally produced honey. Finalize your journey with the best coffee and refreshing drinks of Osh, while getting bonus tips and recommendations for further travel. And, if the drink and honey sample has left you wanting more, check out my foodie tour

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It was a very good trip. We had the oportunity to see the most important places in Osh. The market was amazing.

Manuel António Pimenta
Osh is a city with a lot of history. If you want to know more about this, then a tour with Atabak is a great experience. Atabek speaks English very well, knows a lot about the city of Osh, is enthusiastic, friendly and a very good storyteller. You really get what you pay for. I recommend him.
Thank you for the interesting story about the city and a walk in very authentic places 👍🏼 a lot of new information.


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