Things to Do in Osh

What are the things to do in Osh? It is a simple, yet important question for any traveler. A proper answer to this question will guarantee the best experience and long-lasting memories. And, to make sure that you make the most of your visit to Osh here is the list of top things to do in Osh.

1. Visit Sulaiman-Too

Sulaiman-Too is the heart of Osh both geographically and metaphorically. In the local beliefs and traditions, the mountain has been a sacred place for thousands of years. The city of Osh was literally built around Sulaiman-Too and it played a central role in the city’s development. Your exploration of this site will incorporate beautiful panoramic views, shrines, and architecture.  

2. Try the local cuisine

Across Kyrgyzstan, Osh is famous for having the most delicious food in the country. Over hundreds of years, Osh combined the best culinary traditions of many cultures. It is the place where the Uzbek diversity of ingredients meets the Kyrgyz generosity for meat. As a result, the food is rich with ingredients, nutrition and meet and huge in portions. Moreover, all these food fantasies come at a reasonably cheap price. 

3. Explore and make groceries in Osh ‘Jayma-Bazaar’

Jayma bazaar has existed in Osh for the last 2000 years. Bazar’s authentic ‘eastern’ attributes are the main reason why tourists desire to visit it. Yet, long before becoming a tourist attraction, this place played a crucial role in the region. It served as the primary mechanism driving the political and socio-economic development of the city and it continues to do so in the present day. 

4. Hunt for Soviet Murals

These murals depicted on the sides of buildings. It is believed that these murals were initiated by local artists, sculptures and intellectuals. The main goal was to modify the appearance of typical Soviet constructions which boomed during the ’70s and ’80s. In most cases, these murals depict a Soviet ideology, Kyrgyz cultural symbolism, and sometimes reflect the purpose of the building. You can easily spot most of these murals within the city center and a few more outside the center.

5. Visit Uzbek Neighborhoods

Uzbek neighborhood is a separate microcosm within this thriving city. Located right in the heart of Osh, these neighborhoods greatly differ from typical Soviet ones. Here, you will encounter a unique street and housing styles, social interactions and daily activities.

6. Day-trips

There are several interesting sights around Osh within 0.5-1.5 hours of drive. If you are into historical and cultural exploration, I recommend you to visit Uzgen. It is an ancient city and home of medieval sites, Uzgen red-rice, and authentic bazaar. If you prefer an outdoor experience over urban explorations then Kyrgyz-Ata National Park is your best choice. By visiting Kyrgyz-Ata you will incorporate a mild hike with breathtaking mountain views and close proximity to Osh. 

And last but not least join my tours and enhance your exploration of our lovely city, culture, and cuisine.​