Plov Cooking 101

One does not simply come to Osh and leave without eating plov!

But what if I told you that you can expand your plov experience by cooking your own plov?

Intrigued? Then go ahead and join my unconventional plov-cooking tour! 

This culinary tour will take you through the entire process of plov-making. The journey start with wandering through the alleys of the local market and collecting the ingredients. I will explain in detail why we use the yellow carrot, why the rice is red and why the meat is 50/50 beef and lamb. While we gather the ingredients you will learn how to bargain like a true Central Asian.

Afterwards you will join a local family who will demonstrate all the peculiarities of plov cooking. You will be involved in preparing, cutting and sending the ingredients to kazan (cauldron). While the plov cooks you will have an extra time to explore the neighborhood and see the everyday life of Osh. And last but not least you will enjoy your culinary masterpiece and hear the rituals, stories and legends about plov. 

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